The Flagship Audi Q8 now available for lease

Audi’s all new Q8 is giant sporty SUV with a high tech interior and a range of powerful engines that really pack a punch. If you looking for a contender for the Mercedes GLE or BMW X6 then the Audi Q8 should definitely appear on your list of vehicles.

Even though the base of the Q8 is based of the companies ever popular Q7 range is a completely new vehicle that stands out on the roads. Featuring an even bulkier body a hugh octagonal grille and some aggressive headlights you’re sure to turn a few heads with  the beast of a machine.

Hoping inside of the Q8 one of the first things you may notice is that the roof is slightly lower than that of the Q7. Don’t worry though as their is still plenty of room for you to sit comfortably even if you’re over 6ft tall.

The dash looks rather similar to that of the luxurious A8 featuring three infotainment screens, a stunning brushed aluminum trim as well as a glossy plastic cover which really helps to tie up the vehicle. Moving into the rear of the vehicle you will find that there is less space in the back for our passengers but there is still plenty of room so they don’t have to sacrifice too much comfort.

The Q8 also features much larger side windows and taller roof when compared with BMW’s X6 making feel a lot less claustrophobic as well. If your looking for a new family car then the Q8 would make a great replacement with its even larger boot space.

Recently Audi has raised their game when it comes to refinement however they seem to fall just short with one aspect and its the fell of the drive. This is something that Audi has really worked on with its brand new Q8 with improved handling and upgraded suspension you get a much more enjoyable experience with the Q8 when compared with previous models.

With the addition of four-wheel steering the Q8 feels a lot smoother to move around in and with a sharper turn radius it feels a lot more agile when compare with the cumbersome A6 and A7. This may be down to the vehicle being a lot heavier when compare however we feel like this was a much needed addition.

If your interested in picking yourself up a brand new Q8 then your in luck when it comes to trims as Audi has taken the time to provide 2 on release with more planned for the start of 2019.

The entry-level Q8 comes with the S-Line body kit and comes with a number of features as standard. The S-Line variant comes with 21-inch alloy wheels and comfortable air suspension as standard. Inside you will find leather sports seats and a three-screen infotainment system with built in sat-nav and smartphone mirroring. Front and rear parking sensors and a reversing camera also come as standard so you don’t have to worry about adding anything extra on.

The S-Line variant really is packed with tons of features and for someone looking to pick up a tech pack family friendly vehicle. Currently there is only one engine available for purchase but over the next your Audi is looking to expand on this.

If your looking to add onto the beast that is the Q8 then the optional Vorsprung model may be a bit more of interest to you. Borrowing a number of features from the S-Line model including LED headlights, parking sensors and the three-screen infotainment system the Vorsprung also has a number of additional extras.

These extras include larger 22-inch alloys and the standard leather seats have been swapped out for more supportive super sports seats with Nappa leather upholstery. You also get heated rear seats, bang and olufsen stereo and sportier flat bottomed steering wheel.

Here at Britannia Car Finance we are proud to be one of the first brokers on the market to be able to provide our clients with deals on the new Audi Q8. If you are interested in getting a Audi Q8 lease then feel free to give us a call today or fill out a call back request for a bespoke quote.

Our deals start from £399 per month for business contract hire and we also have deals available for personal contract hire as well.

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